Ming's story

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After loosing our dog, Banjo, the house just seemed empty. It seemed like we always had Banjo and we needed a dog to fill that void. We started looking on Petfinder for a new best friend. We were looking for a dog just like Banjo. We found one we liked at a rescue called Pet Resource Network and after talking to Karen, the owner, we decided to make the trip and have a look at a dog called Ming. Karen said she was shy and I was disappointed when Ming was so frightened by me that she just wanted to run away. After spending a little time with Ming she settled down and really liked my wife, Dianne. It was time to leave and I was still not sure, but Dianne was and Ming agreed to come home with us and give us a chance. Ming is amazingly smart and learns commands very fast. She's still is shy but getting better every day. If you are considering a pet, please, find a rescue. There are so many wonderful pets looking for forever homes..